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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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pier to actually enhance and add on to the whale infrastructure eaten geotech an engineering study the port commissions it is economically and geotechnically feasible to build a facility that is economic at the site the engineering firm i've mentioned they came duo to us as part of the engineering design or engineering study with a concept design of a facility we could potentially build another pier 96 the loop track from the rail generated we're connecting the two trails at the warrant those will connect the tracks to allow for the efficient movement of trains out to pier 96 to unload and load their ore and get the
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trains back to the rail generated this also shows a railcar unloading facility down there are towards the bottom of the rail track it shows materials handling systems and storage shed and also ship loading conveyance system to load the very well in the request for proposals we'll the respondents can choose to use this design we've provided for them or come up with we they consider a better design of their own this the diagram shows a larger the larger rail infrastructure conducting the rail generated we could triple the loop and add 5 additional particularly stock exchanges in the rail yard the
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red is the existing port rail and the green is new track in terms of the objectives that the port has for the proposal process first of all we would like to further the maritime commerce mission and also like to bring to full utilitytions a port asset and take advantage of the properties unique capacities for instance the fact it has 40 feet of water depth it has direct rail can we there's not room to build a storage conveyance infrastructure that is required to facilitate the loading of iron ore and urban loading we'll we would like to generate new revenues to the port and create maritime jobs in the southern waterfront we're requesting from the commission first of all we would like to
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ask your authorization to issue a request for proposals to test the market and come back with the best opportunity to the port for developing the site and also your flexibility in the timing of the issuance of revenue the iron ore market is volatile and want to make sure we want it so we feel we're going to get the best strongest opportunity for the port we would like to seek proposals that meet the ports stream proposals that were outlined and focus on iron ore and other bulk commodity of number one fossil fuel recommended with that, i'm conclude my remarks and invite questions you might have thank you very much. >> what do you mean by the iron ore market being volatile.
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>> similar to the crude oil market the price of iron ore has dropped if i recall drastically in the last of months it is in part the market conditions that accident economy in which they think has slowed down i think there are lower costs purports in the market and various conditions that bring the prices down we'll follow the market and see if this recovers and see if there are commodities we're looking at that potentially could be suitable in any case we're watching the market closely. >> thomas what other commodity. >> well, there's commodity something called bear rights another commodity that is mined in states nearby and let's see there are things like bio fuels
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we've had folks interested in shipping possibly shipping bio mass and other products that are used for bio fuels elsewhere. >> is there public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> oh, you have two. >> sorry (calling names) sorry. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm with the lormz union it's been a long time we've been talking about bulk commodities on the waterfront here our union is open to a lot of perspective you know term operators in those easier
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looking forward to working with those operators to make sure we have on efficient save operation we're interested in any type of bulk commodity if they're looking for additional you know materials to move in there as well you might want to look into logging i know that's big we have a couple of facilities that are going around the bay in richmond and oakland that might be one entity we could entertain the iou is behind this one hundred percent we hope the commission whether take into consideration and look forward to work together and help you in any way we know you know y where to reach united states us down the street on north way. >> thank you. i have
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christopher christian. >> high i'm christopher with the iowu and fellowship said it more articulately i want to stress the i o y is excited to have it and support that kind of work and any kind of commodity if it's a pro tem commodity we'll look forward to working with the port and get some kind of work in pier 96 we're hoping that does happen. >> other speakers come forward. >> i'm captain ship way for the master space and pilots i appreciate the opportunity for the port to develop something
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that goes back and forth and develops the jed idea we're a maritime port and can move k340e78dz we have more to do than just berthing both the and making tourist attracts we have the opportunity to do work out of this port i'm third generation sailors in this country and out of the port i'm hoping we can put this together and make that work for us all. >> any further speakers seeing none, public comment is closed arrest i move to approve that item. >> do you want to have comments from commissioners. >> second. >> commissioners comments. >> it makes a lot of acceptance i appreciate the presentation i think we just want to move
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forward. >> commissioner brandon. >> i know you've been working closely with staff. >> yes. thank you for the presentation really looking forward to the item can you just give me an idea of selection process or the selection will be based on. >> i'm sorry i thought you said election process i'm sorry thank you all for your support commissioner brandon so we're going to keep it somewhat open and like to target export facility those are different from introvert and the interests has been on the bulk do and also we think that will help us to give us our cargo it is mostly import oriented so basically ask a number of things i think there older in the staff
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report give us your proposals for the commodities you intend to ship through the estimated volumes and what kind of type of investment will be required and how much lease term in order to a.m. intents that investment and things of that nature. >> right so if with very 3 qualified very good companies that are exporting so how will we choose one what's the difference is it the based on revenue is that what we're concerned with or local hiring. >> it is a little bit of you'll have that local hiring and revenue and think what we want to do if that he feel we would
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like to invite the took up what we feel the top candidates we'll see a selection scoring system of our career and have scores for on each the criteria's and invite them to come back and give a presentation if we feel there's more than one or certainly invite what we feel the top candidate. >> will that be part of the rfp selection. >> yes. >> if not here you'll have it in rfp. >> yes, that's correct. >> and then will this have any environmental review on the community in any way. >> we'll ask for best best practices and say we want to mitigate against dust and they'll be required to you know go through the usual regulatory
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processes for storment and provide the impacts vision and how they're to mitigate against those impacts we'll be sensitive to those types of mitigations. >> thank you very much i'm really excited about this project and hopefully we'll get a lot of good proposals. >> i hope so. >> thank you. >> commissioner murphy well, i assumed the raw material comes in on a ship a little bit of. >> other things happening in between. >> so there will be no process. >> no some processing done at the pine sites some concentration of the material to the right concentration of ore they'll want to have a moisture
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content not too much moisture and we envision it having covered storage with that said, actually was the main mining company we're working with nevada iron with that piece iron overcame from they initially said that's what we want to require building a covered storage we'll you know - and with all the judge in a different direction when all the things we produce in california where it that out of certainly a lot of it goes over seas. >> all over the world a lot of it is containers go to the port of the oakland most the produce some goes by air i don't know of any that is
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going to the vessels similar to pier 80 but most of it is iou it goes into the air freight. >> thank you commissioner adams. >> jimmy want to thank you for your hard work and this is right where we need to go if you remember the grand jury report san francisco rising that's it that's maritime maritime needs to grow back in january director more and more and i met with mayor ed lee he was 2 hundred percent in about maritime jobs more maritime in the ports i think this is good and i think this is the beginning of pier 96 we need to develop it to the
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maximum and also pier 80 and just really it adds another dimension to the port and plus our crews ships and maritime can't be a fading star in of the port of san francisco it noticing needs to be a beacon of light here to stay and we'll get people investigators that are willing to invest the money i know what our talking about china had the market cornered and things are coming out of australia but things go hot and heavy and then go cooler i'm supportive of it i think we need to put in the resources and really get an operator that is commit to provide jobs and also to develop our maritime and make it strong and active thank you.
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>> i also want to thank you for bringing this forward and the work i concur with the comments of myself my colleagues it is a great opportunity to expand jobs in the area and add further vibrancy to our port and i think any port in order to have this dynamic mix i had a couple of specific questions one the reference to say the dredging how often do you anticipate the dredging is it siblt more than what is being done. >> right now we dredging possibly every 3 years or so but that particular area by pier 94, 96 didn't take a lot of detrimentally it stays pretty deep so about every 3 years or
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three to four years we get the maintenance down to thirty feet. >> thank you for including specific directives it take into account seem like rise important one last this is dovetailing off of what commissioner brandon touched on earlier about our southern west coast beautification policy and that's somewhat affirmative action on the port i'm wondering if we're putting together criteria for operators to go above and beyond as referenced referred to the minimum requirement and points in the process for going above and beyond beautification of the area and mitigating against some
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of the possibly blight that might took place. >> weigh suggest the converting of the rfp we'll permit intents that in the scoring as well. >> thank you. >> actually thank you for all your support. >> colleagues we have a motion on the floor all in favor, say i. opposed? abstinence i request we take the next items in reverse order if we could call item 11 b a number of people to any public comment? speak on that we'll take that without objection. we'll have 11 b first and 11 a >> the 30 years for the award of contracts for prelims of the ports youth employment program for the conservation core
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initiative not to exceed and the hunters point family not to exceed 2 hundred and 65 thousand dollars each for terms of 2 years for an option to extend and the total amount not to exceed one million dollars 2 hundred and 65 thousand dollars. >> good morning the contractor with the finance administration division for the past 9 years the port has engaged in the employment for at risk and disadvantaged youth awhile providing needed support to the ports maintenance staff item before you is a request for authorization to award two contractors one to the san francisco conservation core for seven hundred and 95 thousand dollars and the second to the hunters point family for 2 hundred and 65 thousand dollars each is 2 years with an option
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to extend. >> the program employed san francisco at risk and economically disadvantaged youth between 16 and 24 ooivenlg they'll obey planting and weed and litter and graffiti removal as directed in addition they'll receive springs and preapprenticeship training and it excludes the verify indication of the work the funding was objected through the operating budget from f. for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 in the amount of 2 hundred and 65 thousand dollars annual and any program funding beyond the 2015-2016 is a future budget appropriations second table on this slide shows the allocation of funding for the two
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contractors san francisco conservation core was selected for 75 percent if translates to approximately $200,000 annually and the hunters point first name was selected for the project or 6 of thousands annually not to exceed amount for 4 years is one million dollar $60,000 original rfp for this contract was issued on december 24th and reissued after both the correspondents failed to meet the projects minimum qualification on december 23rd the port received 3 proposals regretfully one was deemed not applicable the two met the rfps minimal qualifications they were
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elevated by a 3 member panel and the oral interviews took place on february 6th the reference checks were incorporated in the overall proposal ranking not after the award san francisco conservation course scored 93 points in their final ranking that number was increased to one hundred and 3 points after application was a 10 percent bid couldn't the hunters point family scored less they were selected important 75 percent program award for the breath of their organization and prior project experienced as i mentioned san francisco conservation core as administered that for the past 9 years and founded three years ago by d financing all the
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residents gave excellent reviews and served on similar contract with the puc and the rec and park and they'll direct thirty percent of their project work to their subcontractors the loosening street youth and a phillip randolph of san francisco both contractor will provide monthly updates that include the youth that participate in the goals obtained and the conservation core will give the participant $12 bus an hour a dollars increase over last year's and project is death to the administrative salaries and 44 percent directly to the youth participate that's a 4 percent increase over last year this slide shows a comparison of
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the conservation coerces original 2013 contract the revised 2013 contract after negotiation and this last year's proposed contract 44 to the youngest it it's a 4 percent over last year and we've contacted the services agency to see how well, they're program fund the participant salaries and found the self-program is in line it employees supervisor staff to guide the participant the san francisco clean city coalition is the largest bifurcation program run by dph their program is the closet in scope to ours and clean city spends 45 percent of their total contractors contract to program participant in line that the san francisco conservation board
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hunters point family didn't score as well boufrp or, however we have the option with the rfp to award up to 2 contract they have been working the loicht since 1997 and received stellar reviews from other city agencies that engaged their services and the selection panel was impressed with their ability to recruit at risk and economically disadvantaged youth and the hunters point doesn't have interstate work but selected for 45 percent and the hunters point is not apple lbe we're working to bring them into compliance and get them lbe certification 09 percent of their budget will be dedicated to salaries and 49 their overlook budget to program
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participants that shows the allocation of the hetch hetchy budget participant will get 1350 an hour and 39 percent directly to the youth finally the performance masking established through last year's process will be implemented and mostly update including the information serviced by neighborhood from the graphic information and information about work performed and the location where the work was performed the volume of accessible and career training sessions will be recorded and every year asked to summarize those in an annual report for us that concludes my presentation. i'm joined by tom the deputy director and janet the deputy director of conservation core is here as is jacqueline the
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executive director of the san francisco organization phillip randolph and the co-executive director of the hetch hetchy family is here i'll be happy to answer any questions >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you any public comment on this item? seeing none, oh, please come forward. >> hello commissioners commissioner brandon good to see you i want to at a. >> state your name for the record. >> i'm lane in a miller the co-director of the hunters point family we're starting landscaping work at hunters point a landmarking to expand our green programs since 1997 i
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want to say thank you very much for this opportunity it looks like we're really in the right place 80 so again, thank you very much thank you for the work you do. >> good evening. i'm janet the deputy director of conservation core want to thank you for your ongoing support and want to go ahead and give permitted pr provide you with hostilities on the manufacturer with a phillip randolph and the youth services we implemented 13 projects and because we serve the orderly adult population from 48 to 25 year-olds 18 of our participates obtained they're high school diploma and 3 of our participant obtained unsubsidized employment
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and their labors and carpenter and restaurant workers and an individual land with the san francisco international airport so that is a quick snapshot i want to thank you for your continuous support. >> thank you for all the work you do. >> good evening, commissioners jackie with the a phillip randolph institute thank you for your commitment to our youth last year, i brought career folks after their or before their work for the day before they went out and finished a site on cargo way they were all here to not only thank you but tell you guys about their experience and unfortunately i was able to longshoreman some
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education and tloo introduce those kids to what the environmental stewardship was you'll those kids have moved ton to applying to other city jobs this year and four of them have been hired to rec and park as well as the sfpuc summary program i really want to appreciate the effort to make sure we educate our young folks and prepare them for the future those are two can we paths they'll find as we get more experienced much appreciate. >> thank you for you will you do any other speakers seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners any comments. >> commissioner brandon. >> thank you such a wonderful presentation i'm really happy to see so many wonderful groups coming togeth